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About Us

Mama & Nugget...
Made with love from start to finish


and welcome to Mama & Nugget. I'm Penny and the cheeky face below is Sebastian... aka Nugget.

Mama & Nugget began in 2020, during the first lockdown, making masks and appliquéing tops.  In January 2021 we started making children's clothing and in February we started buying our own exclusive designs from artists.

Since then, we have added more styles and patterns to our catalogue and made every attempt possible to become eco friendly in everything that we do. 

What started as a dream, to be able to work whilst staying at home with our young son, has soon become so much more.  And I love it!  I remain always grateful to be able to do this and every order is made with love.  It's been a massive learning experience and I've loved the challenge!


Our Fabrics

With the aim of being as environmentally friendly as we can be, we are very picky about our fabrics.  You won't find anything made or printed in China here.

We use a very small family business based in Essex for our printing. They, too, strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible with their focus on sustainability, whilst still delivering a premium product.


They use child safe water based pigment inks instead of reactive dyes, meaning there is zero water used in processing and the energy exerted is a fraction of the amount required in other dye fixing methods, which can see as much consumption as 140,000 watts and 600+ litres of water an hour.

Their fabrics are milled here in the United Kingdom and are of the highest quality.  


We can literally trace our clothing from field to garment.


Our Labels

To save adding a synthetic label to our garments, we now hand stamp all our items. We worked with another small business to design and create our very own stamp.  We ink the pads by hand and heat set the ink with our trusty iron to make them safe to wash.  This does lead to some variation on the labels, but that's all part of the Mama & Nugget charm... And no more synthetic labels!  We use our jersey scraps to make the labels we stitch in too, so we cut down on even more waste!


Trees, Trees, Trees

For every order we receive, we plant a tree in the Forest of Mama & Nugget. Yes, this is a thing and it really exists! We use a non-profit organisation that allows citizens and companies to plant trees all around the world and offset their CO2 emissions. We also have a CO2 neutral website. By planting a tree for every order we hope to offset the impacts of making and delivering your Mama & Nugget.

Tree Stump


Talking of delivery... we are proud to be using eco friendly packaging.  Every element is biodegradable and/or compostable - even our plastic looking sleeves for our prints can go on the compost heap! Having earth friendly packaging may cost us a little more, but there is no planet B. This stuff is important to us.


If you can think of anything else we can do to be more environmentally conscious, please get in touch. We are always trying to improve, develop and grow.

Our Artists

Every design we use has been beautifully created by a talented artist, before we purchase it and send it off to our printers for printing. 

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