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This product will show as out of stock until you are provided with a Customisation Code. 


Our bespoke bunting is one of my favourite items.  The first bunting I made was for our wedding.  I used Tilda fabrics and it was my very first experience of applique.  I loved it.  
Since then, I have made several sets of bunting including for Nugget's bedroom and those of other children.  It's the perfect gift and addition to any nursery for a new arrival, wedding decorations or even for an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic birthday decorations. Every set is different, personal and unique to the purpose.  Anything is possible and it's an opportunity to have some fun with fabric to! 

These items need to be discussed and ordered over the phone.  They can be made with any theme or colour scheme in mind.  If you have fabric that you would like to use, we can even work with that too!  

Prices start from £4 a flag for a letter and £2.50 for a plain flag. 


Please contact me directly to order bunting.  Turn around time is four weeks.  This may need to be extended depending on fabric requests and supply factors. 


Upon agreed specifications, you will be provided a Customisation Code to apply when ordering.  This will ensure that the right bunting reaches the right forever home and that the correct fees apply.  I'm sorry if this is confusing, but it is the only way for me to ensure that you receive the best possible product. 

Bespoke Bunting

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