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Our "Thank You For Breastfeeding" cards come in packs of 10, 50 or 100. 


Seeing another mum breastfeeding in public, or even knowing that she is breastfeeding behind doors, can bring feelings of solidarity and support for all she is doing.  These stunning cards, featuring our exclusive design from Babes By Annie, are that token gesture to show her what an incredibly awesome job she is doing.  


They can be tucked away inside a purse or wallet as an encouraging reminder or even passed onto another mother.  Perfect for showing and sharing a little Mama love and understanding.


Thank You for Breastfeeding Cards

  • I just wanted to say THANK YOU.

    Thank you for giving all that you have to your baby. 

    You are doing a great job, even on the days that you think you're not.

    Thank you for helping to normalise breastfeeding.


    National Breastfeeding Helpline

    0300 100 0212

    ABM Breastfeeding Helpline

    0300 330 5453

    Celebrate. Normalise. Support.

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