Style Guide

Not sure how to recognise your Harems from your Little Leggies?  Or your Dungarees from your Romper...?  Or even your Lilly Romper?  

Don't worry... I'll talk you through it!

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All In Ones



Sizes 0-3m | 4-5y

Perfect for babies and toddlers alike.  With a dropped crotch style, they leave plenty of room for both disposable nappies and cloth bum babes.  Super comfy and snuggly, and easy to move in... Layer them with tee or jumper to create a year round style that looks adorable. 

Untitled_Artwork 1-1.jpg

Lilly Romper

Sizes 0-3m | 4-5y

Similar in fit to our standard romper with a babydoll bodice and fixed straps for a super cute girlie finish.  Plenty of nappy space still.

Layer them with tee, cardie or jumper to create a year round style that looks adorable. 

Untitled_Artwork 2-3_edited.png


Sizes 0-3m | 4-5y

Our gorgeous Dungarees offer an alternative to our classic Romper style.  With a rolled hem on the leg instead of a cuff they look a little more 'grown up'!  Offering a dropped crotch style, like the rompers they still leave plenty of room for both disposable nappies and cloth bum babes, but are slimline enough for those who are already potty/toilet trained. 

Untitled_Artwork 3.jpg

Rolled Hem Romper

Sizes 0-3m | 4-5y

These super comfy Rolled Hem Rompers are perfect for all ages.  With five poppers up the front for easy openings, they are great for nappy changes or potty training alike.  Available in any combination of long/short sleeves and legs, and with rolled hems on each, they are easily tailored to your little one and very stylish too!

Untitled_Artwork 1-2.jpg

Shorty Romper

Sizes 0-3m | 4-5y

These Shorty Rompers are a Summer twist on our popular romper style.  Offering an above the knee length, they are perfect for the warm summer months for a comfy, casual style, yet also good for layering with leggings and a long sleeved tee for the cooler seasons. 

Untitled_Artwork 4.jpg

Bummie Romper

Sizes 0-3m | 2-3y

Our newest style romper, these are adorably cute all year round.  Shorter than our Shorty Rompers, with elasticated leg cuffs and waist, they are gorgeous in the summer alone or with a tee, or through the winter with a cardie and woolly leggings. 




Little Leggies

Sizes 0-3m | 4-5y

Our classic leggings style.  Slim fit with a yoga waistband and cuffed bottoms.  Better for older toddlers who are one the move and lost those gorgeous thigh rolls, or those with slimmer thighs to begin with! 


Harem Pants

Sizes 0-3m | 4-5y

Our Harem Pants offer a dropped crotch style and a bit more space to accommodate those cloth bums and thigh rolls.  Ideal for babies and toddlers with a comfy, slouchy fit and elasticated waistband.

Untitled_Artwork 3-1_edited.jpg


Sizes 0-3m | 4-5y

Our Bummie shorts are super comfy for all ages.  Cuffed bottoms and a yoga waistband, they offer a relaxed fit and plenty of room for even cloth bums.


Cycling Shorts

Sizes 0-3m | 4-5y

Our cycling shorts offer the same fit as our Little Leggies style, only cut above the knee.  Without the bulk of the drop crotch to allow for nappy space, these little leggies offer a more flattering fit for older child but fit younger babes too.  Featuring a hemmed cuff and our yoga waistband for added comfort, these will be a wardrobe Summer style essential for your little one.

Untitled_Artwork 3-2_edited.jpg

Harem Shorts

Sizes 0-3m | 4-5y

These super cool fitting shorts offer a  loose fit to just on/below the knee.  Featuring pockets for added style, they have to be a summer staple in any child's wardrobe. 


Dresses & Skirts


Pinny Dress

Sizes 0-3m | 4-5y

These adorable pinafore dresses are a comfy relaxed style.  Sitting just above the knee, they are the perfect year round addition to your child's wardrobe.  

Untitled_Artwork 1-5.jpg

Gathered HiLo Dress

Sizes 2-3y | 4-5y

With a separate bodice and gathered skirt which sits just above the knee and is longer in the back and shorter in the front with your choice of short or long sleeve.  These dresses are fun but comfy and functional. 


Swing Dress

Sizes 3-6m | 4-5y

With an all in one body and flared swing bottom, these dresses are fun and comfy to wear, and look super cute on.  With your choice of short, three quarter or long sleeve, they are perfect for any time of year.


Really Twirly Whirly Dress

Sizes 6-12m | 4-5y

This style of dress is just a little bit special.  With a beautiful fitted bodice and choice of short, three quarter or long sleeve length, they offer an elegant option for all year possibilities.  The full circle skirt offers the ultimate in twirling and elegance.


Full Circle Skirts

Sizes 0-3m | 4-5y

These skirts sit on the knee and are perfect for twirling.  With a soft, elasticated waist and contrasting band, they will be loved by all ages.


Leisure Sets

Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 08.10.28.png

Leisure Set Mix & Match Long Bottoms

Sizes 2-3y | 4-5y

Our Leisure Set Long Bottom option offer a more relaxed fit than our Little Leggie bottoms and a contrasting waistband and cuff in our super soft rib jersey.

Untitled_Artwork 3-1_edited.jpg

Leisure Set Mix & Match Short Bottoms

Sizes 2-3y | 4-5y

We have taken our Bummies design and given them a super soft rib cuff and waistband for the ultimate in relaxed, comfy fit. 

Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 08.12.55.png

Leisure Set Mix & Match Long Sleeve Top

Sizes 2-3y | 4-5y

Our Long Sleeve Top is a casual, relaxed fit with plenty of slouch room.  With soft rib cuffs, neck and hem line it really is the perfect match to our leisure set bottoms. 

Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 08.07.12.png

Leisure Set Mix & Match Ringer Tee

Sizes 2-3y | 4-5y

Our Ringer Tees are a longer fit than our regular classic tees, and have a soft rib hem, cuffs and neckline.  These not only look really cool but they feel it too. 



Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 08.28.41.png

Short Sleeve Tee

Sizes 0-3m | 4-5y

classic cut short sleeve t-shirt with hemmed sleeves.  Sizes from 0-3m to 18-24m offer a double shoulder snap fastening to allow for ease of putting on and taking off. 

Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 08.39.39.png

Long Sleeve Tee

Sizes 0-3m | 4-5y

classic cut long sleeve t-shirt with hemmed sleeves.  Sizes from 0-3m to 18-24m offer a double shoulder snap fastening to allow for ease of putting on and taking off. 


Raglan Tee

Sizes 0-3m | 4-5y

A modern twist on a traditional staple.  Offering a clean diagonal sleeve in either short or long options.  The main body is made from our premium white jersey cotton and has the possibility to personalise with transfers from Freya Illustrates, depending on the design. 

Untitled_Artwork 1-4.jpg

Swing Tunic

Sizes 3-6m | 4-5y

Our Swing Tunic is the shorter alternative to our beautiful Swing Dress. It is comfy to wear and comes to roughly mid thigh in length... perfect with leggings and again available in a choice of short, three quarter and long sleeve options.

Untitled_Artwork 2-1_edited.jpg

Classic Sweater

Sizes 2-3y | 4-5y

Our Classic Sweaters offer a relaxed fit and contrasting neck, cuff and hems in soft jersey rib.  Made from our gorgeously soft 290gsm organic loopback, they offer a super snuggly lightweight sweater, perfect all year round.

Untitled_Artwork 1-3_edited.jpg

Tunic Sweater

Sizes 0-3m | 4-5y

Similar to our Classic Sweaters, but longer line.  Perfect teamed with leggings they also have a contrasting neck, cuff and hems in soft jersey rib.  Made from our gorgeously soft 290gsm organic loopback, they offer a super snuggly lightweight sweater, perfect all year round.





Sizes 6-12m | Adult

Our iconic Bowbands are most definitely a statement piece.  The perfect accessory to complete an outfit, or so that you can match your little one.  We also have a collection of fabrics permanently available to order that are non exclusive but plenty of fun! 


Bandana Bib

One Size Fits All

Our super trendy cut of bib is the perfect functional accessory.  Backed with our white organic bamboo Terry towelling, they are super soft and super absorbent too.  Finished with two poppers for flexible sizing and one of our faux leather tags for extra style. 

Untitled_Artwork 2-2_edited.jpg

Baby Hat

Sizes Small | Medium | Large

Made from our super soft jersey cotton, these little hats will complete your baby's look whilst keeping their little heads nice and snug.  More info on sizing is available in each listing. 


Sherpa Snood

Sizes 1-3y | 4-10y | Adult

Our snoods are lined with an ultra soft and durable Sherpa fleece fabric and offer a really snuggly, safe alternative to a scarf.  They wash up perfectly soft every time and are a great way to keep warm in the colder months.

Winter Beanie_edited.jpg

Winter Beanie

Sizes Newborn | Adult

Our Winter Beanie's are a true classic.  Lined for extra warmth and the option to add a faux fur pompom (with a popper attachment to allow for easy washing), they will complete your Mama & Nugget Autumn Winter look.